Why boys?

As a mother of two young sons, I am excited to be raising boys and am eager to find inspiration from others on what boys need, never having been one myself.  I started by finding crafty things I thought sounded fun and gender-neutral, things that would be seasonal and foster acknowledgment of the seasons.  Discouraged that the plethora of craft and cooking opportunities I kept preparing were received as if it were an odd and uninteresting distraction from the more pressing work of cranking, digging, and smooshing, I began to explore.  Why would my boys not craft for longer than 30 seconds?  That’s what all the wonderful blogs on parenting I love to read are about.

After searching for a someone mothering sons and blogging about it who might give me some daily insights and inspiration, I came up empty handed.  It is a different world building boys.  I understand the politically charged arena that is socialized gender roles vs. genetic urges and this blog in no way aims to lump any gender into any categories.  Parenting sons can offer the need for different creative strategies and insights into life that I, as a female, never thought to discover.  So here I am.  Enthusiastically pointing out diggers, marveling at the nuances of monster truck tires, and getting excited when it’s Car Show time again!

This is not a blog just for parents of boys though.  If I had a daughter, the name of my blog would be different, as would my journey.   This is my experience though, and  I hope you find some inspiration and ideas you can use.

So, let’s embrace the energy, discover all the nuances of grinding, smashing and flinging and savor the magic that lies undiscovered in the mud!  Let’s build some boys, and try to tend to ourselves while we’re at it.


3 responses to “Why boys?

  1. Ginger,

    I love this! I think I’ll be lurking on your blog for ideas and inspiration for a SAHM of a baby boy. Your writing is beautiful, heartfelt, and absolutely brings me into your world. Congratulations of your debut!

  2. Thank you Jisan! I’m honored that I can communicate and invite you in 🙂 Wonderful!

  3. What a *wonderful* idea, Ginger! I’m going to SO enjoying reading about your journey…and reminiscing about my own. 🙂

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