I am Ginger.  Grateful full-time mother to two sons, and partner to my incredibly talented, respectful and supportive husband, Peter.  Peter works in Dallas creating a legacy in the Trinity National Forest.  We visit and see him as often as our budget and his time allow, and work towards the goal of being reunited under one roof again!  The kids and I live in Michigan, four miles from my parents and brother’s family.  Being connected with them fills my cup and that of my boys.

Before motherhood, I was a horticulturist, an Alaskan, and enthusiastic dog lover and hiker.  I now parent our two small boys and am forever admiring of my husband’s respect and the value he places on what we’re doing.  I could never do this without him, or the encouragement and friendship of my Mom, and the involvement of my Dad.

My hope with this blog is to help me capture the moments that I want to savor.  Each day is dotted with bits of joy and wonder, with questions and ponderings.  This blog is a reflection of life as we live it, and life often involves dirt, mud, sticks and water.  This is a sure recipe for pure bliss!

Besides my boys, my time is spent gathering information as I get inspired and have time, on things like attachment parenting, gentle discipline, waldorf and montessori philosophies, raw foods, child development, creating festivals and traditions, macrophotography and gardening.

Life is a work in progress and I’m doing the best I know how with the information I have.  Recounting my thoughts and stories here provides me with a focus and lens through which I ride through our day, seeking the moments of beauty and joy.

Thank you for being here!


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  1. Needs more pictures of the author!! 🙂

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