moving on up…

Today was the day I became the mother of a kindergartener.

Take note the awesome socks.  It’s his flair 😉  One does want a hint of flair, no?

So, never having experienced this for myself, I found a decided lack of emotions I hear so many have.  There were no tears, from me or him.  He was ready to charge off with Dad on the scooter.  I think I did get a quick hug.

With no tears, I got to thinking what it was that I did feel.  This is supposed to be an epic moment in a parent’s life when they send their first child off to kindergarten.

I did feel pride; that he was excited, that I had helped him to survive thus far, that I had succeeded in packing two lunches, making green smoothies for everyone, and feeding breakfast and all with a 4-week old baby.

I felt relief; relief that things would be calm around the house for a few hours, that he was excited and not terrified, that I could stay and clean up dishes after they left.

I felt sad; sad that his brother misses watching and playing with him, but now also gets a chance to speak and tell stories and play his own way.

I felt grateful; grateful that he goes to an amazing school and loves his teachers.

And then I also felt a little too excited about making lunches with leftovers and feeling a little awesome myself.  You gotta take these streaks as they come 😉

Tomorrow might be a whole ‘nother batch of crazy 😀



2 responses to “moving on up…

  1. These posts are full of an honest sweetness to a life/lives. Thanks for imprinting your thoughts and these images to the page.


  2. What a sweet kindergartener!!

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