adventurous eating

We had the chance to be wildly adventurous recently when I found a batch of bright pink DRAGONFRUIT.  I mean, seriously, naming a fruit “dragonfruit” automatically skyrockets it into a sub-super-hero status…so cool.

So our planned after school snack of wicked-awesome-dragon-fruit is planned and the kids are all fired up about it.  As a mom, I’m secretly thinking, “Bwahaha…my kids are fired up about fruit…yes!!” as they enter the house shrieking in excitement and joking that they’re going to eat a dragon!!

Opening it up, we are rewarded with the creamy white flesh and what appears to be star constellations formed inside.  Totally amazing.  I’ve got visions of bringing in dragon fruits for Austin’s class to let the kids try…

A tentative taste…

A bolder mouthful…

Followed immediately by questioning looks to me…looks that said, “Uh, what happened to our fruit?  It tastes of unflavored grits with the texture of very ripe kiwi.”  I returned the questioning look too as it took me by surprise as well.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly involved something that one could describe as “a flavor.”  Apparently in my research, I had found out how to eat the fruit but not that the fruit would not actually taste like anything.


I’m not knocking the dragon fruit.  It scores big points in looking awesome.  It is like looking at a tall glass of pink lemonade only to find out it’s just water with a few drops of food coloring in it.   We’ll call the flavor “anticlimactic.”

So we moved on to oranges, and left the dragon fruit to supply fiber and vitamin C to our morning smoothie…which it did, as well as leaving it sufficiently devoid of flavor in spite of the banana and mango that no one drank much of the shake either…lol.

Well, that’s what an adventure is all about, isn’t it?!



5 responses to “adventurous eating

  1. Sometimes getting kids to eat is all about the ‘spin.’ In this case, call it a dragon and they’re pumped!

    Did I ever tell you about the magical food my mother made your mother, uncles, and aunts? Let me tell you it was special.

    Normally, it would appear on a menu as white rice, creamed dried beef, and green beans–none of which are favorites by any measure. But to her kids, they were “Mountain Climbers.” It conjures an adventure of the highest order (pun intended). Fantasy about back packs laden with high energy foods, wearing special cold gear, ice boots, ice picks, and belay ropes. A pile of rice with a properly formed scoop of white rice (using an ice cream scooper) in the middle of the plate forms the mountain. Pour the cream sauce over the mountain to form the drifts of snow and clumps of exposed and jagged rock. The climber “people” were the green beans stuffed into the rice like candles on a cup cake. Starting at the top, a single file of climbers were stuffed around the rice like a spiral.

    Proper form demanded that the most aggressive climber be eaten first (the one at the pinnacle). One by one the climbers would be scooped up in a spoon and pushed into the abyss (your mouth).

    Any other day, served any other way, would result in whining and grunts of displeasure. “Rice and green beans again?” When piled separately on the plate, it was green beans and rice with creamed dried beef. Yuk! But MOUNTAINCLIMBERS elicited excitement! Mom’s query: “What should we have for dinner?” would result in a unanimous chorus of “Mountainclimbers!”

    Mothers are so sneaky!

  2. Anonymous in this case is your Uncle Ford…

  3. Nice going, Bee! Life is all about how you handle Plan B!

  4. Major bummer on the Dragonfruit tasting like poo!!

  5. And BTW I’m loving the new format of the blog (more white, less color)… pretty cool Gweeg.

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