taking time

Once school starts, it’s easy to forget the rhythm of a sweet, slow day.  A day where no car is involved and the only ones you’re responsible to spend the day in orbit around you in one form or another.

It’s the little joy of finding the library open…the peaceful pace which allows for time to stop and watch the tree trimmers on the walk there.

It’s the long, deep breath you take when you dust off an old, found table and discover that it’s just the ticket for an hour of peaceful coloring in the sunshine with a cup of tea.

It’s sharing the tea, and finding that a certain off-brand of crayons can actually color fingernails any color you want!

And then reinventing the table at the end of the day for a magical picnic in the sunshine.  Smiling and telling stories of the day…

It really fills your tank up.

So much so, that when you wake up the next morning to the kitchen floor covered in dog poop, a sore throat and a sick husband….it just doesn’t seem all that bad.

😉  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, filling your tank for the next adventure…


One response to “taking time

  1. You’re so right, Bee. Action is good. But so is calm. And finding that calm can sometimes be tricky. Those tank-filling moments of peaceful calm can really charge the batteries for the rigorous times. I loved the picnic in the sunshine. Ah…calm. And coloring in the sunshine…that’s the good stuff. Even in the crazy busy times, there can still be an internal calm. Taking one moment at a time — the not-so-pleasant tasks will indeed pass. You’re creating those memories of togetherness and peace. That will serve you and your boys well. Loved the post, Ging!

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