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After a full day at the pool, a little boy is all snuggled in and pooped out.

Trying to capture the cuteness, he “helps” me by attempting what he thinks is smiling for the camera, not realizing he isn’t quite capturing the smile and looks more like a tiny Lion…hehe…

Oh, until the end…

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At which point, he tucked in and took a little rest…

It’s good when you’re whole body fits on the seat of a chair.


pool party!

Some days are just great days.

Filled with smiles (or practicing what one believes to be smiling as in the photo above) and family, making new friends and learning cool stuff.

Like how to spray Mom with a cold garden hose while she flees to the other end of the pool.  Mmmm.  Hilarious.  😉

Or that Dad’s cannonball can displace a larger area of water than you’d imagined possible, and prompting enthusiasm at greeting the ensuing waves…

Today was a pool party at Gee’s house (Grandma Katie, shortened by a 2 yo).  Gabe, the great Houdini, was in the water in short order, swimming with his little shark floaties (also the coolest invention in PFD history…these are actually Class V PFDs, approved by the Coast Guard…and the greatest floaties ever….but I digress).   With his little inflatable courage, he bops down to the deep end like it’s no big deal that he’s one, and his feet are far from the bottom.  It gave this momma much peace too knowing that the inevitable stunts were performed safely…since he does these stunts whether he’s got his PFD on or not.  *gray hair*

He practiced his launch off the edge some more, already knowing that his toes have to be gripping the precipice or he risks scraped digits.

And, to great cheers from the crowd, my Little Boy made a big personal accomplishment today.  I don’t know that the term “Little Boy” even fits anymore.  Growing next to a small boy who, at one, is known for his outrageous risks, Austin takes the unknown at his own pace.  Observant, patient and thoughtful, he appreciates the order in things and is inspired by those who dare before him.  He has contentedly played on the first two steps of the pool for weeks amidst the raucous splashing and swimming of his younger brother.

Today, not only did he get off the first two steps in the pool but by the end of the day had pushed his comfort zone to a whole new level…one where he didn’t need anyone’s hand to catch his launch off the familiar steps into the sparkling blue.  With the help of foam and a few good men patiently there with him, he braved beyond the third step, where he discovered the joy of floating feet, dog paddling, and playing in the POOL!!

Tonight in bed and snuggling in the dark, we reminisced on our high and low of the day.  He decided that his high and his low was launching off those steps.  Leaving the security of a small area of water up to your knees for the wide world of the deep pool was scary…his low.  Finding that he could do it…his high.

Today was the day.  Each day, leaving a bit of small boy behind…at his own pace.

That’s something to be proud of.