red fingernails and blue bonnets

Well, bluebonnets actually, because we are in Texas.

And, I might add, finally and living together as a family!

While I realize I have a full 3 months to try to pack into a nugget, I figure rather than waiting longer to try and find the perfect lazy evening (hah!) to do it, I should just pick up where we are now.

And, that finds us in the bluebonnets.  Oceans and oceans of them on the side of the road.

On the drive, Austin would excitedly point to large patches and reveal, “Mom!  I see the blue bonnets! AND pink bonnets and white bonnets!!”

As we passed the next wave of them, he had modified it to, “Mom!  I see Bluebonnets, and pink poppies, and white bonnets!”

We never did ID the white bonnets.

But we did find the perfect blue ocean to pose so gently in, stepping only on previously patted down sections of the flowers.  My initial reaction to so many circles of smooshed flowers was surprise.  Surprise that the hill on the side of the highway seemed such a popular place for deer to bed down for the night…and so many deer!   Sigh.  I promise logic and my locale triumphed.

Deep in the flowers, boys sniffed and sat, or swished and swatted.

Here are the red fingernails.  Click on the photo to enlarge.

Another topic for another day….hehe…

Which prompted the reminder that we only touch the flowers with ONE finger…

And a reminder that it’s fun to have someone in the flowers with you.


7 responses to “red fingernails and blue bonnets

  1. I loved this, Bee! Bluebonnets everywhere — and spring is on it’s way! The kids are beautiful — and so are you!! And yes, you are a family, working to build a better future for the kids. Glad to see you’re writing again!!

  2. Gweeg I LOVE your blog posts! We need more blog posts!!!!! 🙂

  3. Ah finally, been waiting so long for the first newly located post. Thank you and bye the way your 3rd son has invited me for dinner….tonight…can’t wait to see you all!!

  4. This just makes me feel good, Bee! Love the beauty of your family, the serenity of your mothering, the freedom of wide open fields of bluebonnets, and your awesome Nikon 105 mm lens! 🙂 (Did I guess right?)

  5. Ginger:

    Welcome to your new home!

    One of my favorite memories of my boys’ childnoods is traveling through South Dakota and seeing acres and acres of sunflower fields. They’re called “sunflowers” because they literally follow the sun as the day progresses: in the morning, the flower heads are faced toward the east; by mid-day, they’re totally horizontal on their stalks; and by evening, they’re headed toward the west. A whole field of flowers headed in the same direction — it’s awesome! I hope someday your family can take a trip to the Black Hills — it’s a wonderful family vacation, with lots of family activities and beautiful vistas. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing — your darling boys remind me of my own at that age, and reading your blog keeps bringing up memories and tears!

  6. Laura Woodall- Ray

    I missed your posts as well…. figured you were getting settled. These pics of you and the boys are absolutely gorgeous!! I just want to squeeze the little boys! Soooo happy for all of you!

  7. Yeah for spring in the south!! 😉 I feel like spring in MI is just grey and wet. The flowers in the spring in the south are so beautiful! Excited that you’re all together and doing well. What great photos of you and the boys! Hope the storms are missing you.

    Amy VH

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