Monthly Archives: April 2011

red fingernails and blue bonnets

Well, bluebonnets actually, because we are in Texas.

And, I might add, finally and living together as a family!

While I realize I have a full 3 months to try to pack into a nugget, I figure rather than waiting longer to try and find the perfect lazy evening (hah!) to do it, I should just pick up where we are now.

And, that finds us in the bluebonnets.  Oceans and oceans of them on the side of the road.

On the drive, Austin would excitedly point to large patches and reveal, “Mom!  I see the blue bonnets! AND pink bonnets and white bonnets!!”

As we passed the next wave of them, he had modified it to, “Mom!  I see Bluebonnets, and pink poppies, and white bonnets!”

We never did ID the white bonnets.

But we did find the perfect blue ocean to pose so gently in, stepping only on previously patted down sections of the flowers.  My initial reaction to so many circles of smooshed flowers was surprise.  Surprise that the hill on the side of the highway seemed such a popular place for deer to bed down for the night…and so many deer!   Sigh.  I promise logic and my locale triumphed.

Deep in the flowers, boys sniffed and sat, or swished and swatted.

Here are the red fingernails.  Click on the photo to enlarge.

Another topic for another day….hehe…

Which prompted the reminder that we only touch the flowers with ONE finger…

And a reminder that it’s fun to have someone in the flowers with you.