cherry blossom breath and more

A wonderful morning with Papa on a Friday, now appropriately dubbed “Papaday” by Little Boy.

Delicious breakfast in fond company, a sewing machine fiasco (oh yes, sewing machines *can* do fiasco), eagerly watching four trains of varying sizes and speeds navigate through tunnels and over bridges in an elaborate setup at our local hobby shop, and a stop to race slot cars before home and lunch.  Papaday is a day we look forward to all week.

Hungry little eyes soaked up the trains and banking ideas, which made for a fun afternoon of reenactment on the floor with our own train tracks.

The other distinguishing moment of the day was this evening when I had the distinct experience of making my first call to Poison Control while  tucking kids in for bed.  Three years and ten months into this business of being a Mom and tonight was the dreaded night.  Thank goodness the phone number is on the back of the bottle.

The Littlest had been playing with toys in the (dry) bathtub and rolling around heavy bottles of bath wash just to hear them thunk.  At one point, a bottle opened up and gave a little squirt.  Putting it back away, I returned to goodnight preparation.

Fast-forward to tucking in bed, the Littlest smelled overwhelmingly of Cherry Blossom and Bamboo (because bamboo is a marketable scent you know).  Checking for tell-tale wet spots on his clothes and finding none, I asked my preverbal munchkin where the soap went.  He looked at me and dropped his chin.  Pointing one chubby pointer finger in he grunted, “Uh.”   Groan.  “You ate it?  You ate the soap?!”  Boo for eating body wash!  Ish!!

Enter Poison Control.  Fortunately, the kind lady I found on the other end of the line reassured me that he might throw up and have an uncomfortable tummy, but we didn’t need to rush to the ER.  Phew.  So, the Littlest is up there tossing and turning, smelling of sweet cherry blossom body wash and waking up intermittently to let out some soapy burps.

Hopefully (a mother can hope) he’ll remember that bubbles are ISHY next time!  Or I’ll have to start buying body wash that smells gross and unappealing.  Hmm….that might backfire too though…


3 responses to “cherry blossom breath and more

  1. It WAS a fun day, Bee! Glad Littlest is OK!

  2. I get such a kick from your adventures! 🙂

  3. Yeeks! Every mother’s bad dream! Glad he’s OK!

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