gabe and the grateful dead

So, the Littlest loves music.  He’ll randomly sway his head back and forth, or start clapping spontaneously with inner delight when a song pops on.  We went with his Grandmother to Christmas Mass and any time the congregation would stop singing, he’d look to me fervently and sign, “More, more more more more!”  More singing?  “Yes!” pumped his little fist.  Littlest is ready to go on tour.

But today his connection to the music world was slightly different.  In my goal to release from my life projects I have been toting around unfinished for years or finish them already (the proverbial “crap or get off the pot” department), I found an old Grateful Dead shirt that had been slated for the “Momento Quilt for when I’m retired and have time” project.  Pondering what an asinine destination this actually was, I decided instead to make the Littlest some sweet tie dye pants.

Because really, the window one can actually wear tie dye pants and look charming is quite small.  Surely it is only when you are quite small.

Once the first cut was made, it was easier to cut through the shirt as it was no longer a virgin garment.  A current pair of pants was eyeballed as a pattern.  Coaxing a half-dead sewing machine, I was determined to actually finish a project…even if it meant sewing my green pants with black thread on the bobbin, red thread on the machine, and of course a bouncing boy in my lap.  Sometimes, it’s just go-time and time to figure it out.  This often means repressing any perfectionist gene itching to rear it’s head.

Fortunately for me, the wearer of the britches is where the charm is.

I’ll try not to save these forever…you know, not for that silly retirement project scrap quilt.



5 responses to “gabe and the grateful dead

  1. The Littlest is looking so BIG, Bee!!! I love your sewing green with black and red thread! That’s gettin’ ‘er done! See you soon!

  2. You ARE gittin’ ‘er done, Bee!! I love your creativity and, of course, the cuteness factor on Gabe is certainly part of the “amazing accomplishments” department. Sometimes, it’s nice to bust out and just do it!!

  3. Awesome story; awesome pictures! Can’t wait to see you Gweeg!

  4. Where are the sequins? No self respecting rock star would be without sequins.

    Pretty cute Ginger. You can lose those pants over time. But save the pictures!

  5. I discovered tie-dye when my boys were little quite by accident. I had just completed a spiffy new teal-colored outfit and accidentally got as little bleach on the pants the first time I washed it. Not to worry — I filled a squirt bottle with bleach and went to town in large circles over the surface of the whole pair, then waited a few minutes and washed it. I actually thought it improved the look. Who needs matching shirts and pants?

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