as soon as i can

I wanted to just touch base with everyone who checks in here that I am eagerly anticipating being able to blog regularly again.  Over the holidays my husband came home for the first time in nine months, which was wonderful, and his work computer completely crashed, not wonderful at all.  My computer was annexed then, as is necessary and prudent when the computer that houses the information that supports your family is essentially thrown off a cyber cliff.

In the mean time, I am actively searching for a way get a computer back in the office, and begin reconnecting again!

Hope your holidays had memorable and bright moments!  Hope to see you all here again in the near future!


3 responses to “as soon as i can

  1. Let me know if I can do anything to help!

  2. So sorry about the computer glitch, I hope it’s not long before you get that all resolved. I am so ready for you all to be together in Dallas, and I know you are anxious as well. Peter came back and hit the ground running…I know it must be very difficult to be apart and the sole caregiver for your two boys, I want you all to know that the work that Peter is doing is making a huge difference in Dallas and will help to ensure the future of the Trinity River Project for decades to come. And when you and the boys get to Dallas, that will complete his world. You have such a great instinct for truth and kindness I look forward to getting to know you and the boys better when you arrive. Always thinking of you,

  3. At least you know you DON’T lead a boring life! 🙂

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