twinkling snowflakes

Back into the land of droopy kids again, we decided to enjoy the evening sunshine by hanging our snowflakes in honor of our first snow.

Each year I hope to add another twinkler to the collection, and each year I am enchanted by the sparkles that dance across the walls.  Little splashes of light chase each other across the room while their snowflakes pirouette on strings.  I forget each year that this happens, and it’s a happy discovery.

Add to the collection icicles, bobbles, and twirling strands of mirrors on string (dental floss 😉 ) and the window takes on the special twinkling of holiday lights, but during the day.

Up close, I am reminded of the optical physics lessons I rarely ponder during the rest of the year…

But mostly I enjoy that I’m not the only one admiring it, inside…

and out…

And then the morning sun hits them this morning and I am reminded that there is magic in these late sunrises…


3 responses to “twinkling snowflakes

  1. I like the snowflakes that create prisms. Little rainbows on the walls!

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