with the first snowfall

The first snowfall has arrived!

With our recent weeks having been spent oscillating between health, a sick boy or sick momma and back again, our normal rhythm has been chopped up a bit.  Sick kids mean Frosty the Snowman on the TV, lots of baking and warmth from the kitchen and the teapot always warmed, punctuated by varying bursts of energy to play, wrestle, paint, eat, or make a grocery run for more tea before returning to the couch and a warm blanket.  Sick momma means cooped up kids antsing for action.

However, with the big Daddy returning home for the first time in nine months, we figure it’s best to get sick over and done with now!

We had a brief and welcome spell of feeling well yesterday and were met with the most perfect snowman-building snow ever.  EVER.  As in, I hand Little Boy a small snowball and five minutes later it’s so big he can’t push it anymore.  Having seen Frosty countless times over the weeks on the couch, we knew that *this* was the special “Christmas Snow” they spoke of…snow that makes SNOWMEN!!

So, with enthusiasm we began to roll.  When our second body section was rolled with so much enthusiasm it was too heavy to lift, a second snowman’s base was born.

And before the Littlest even had time to tire of falling down in the sticky white snow, we would have two snowmen!

But alas, before the carrot noses were on I sensed the Littlest was spent, his little fingers soaked to the bone from the perfect, wet snowman snow.

So in he went to warm up, peeking out the window while carrots and pennies and little blue beads were placed.

And now when we return home, we are greeted with what appears to be two snowmen friends, joyously running towards each other for a fond embrace.

And that just makes me smile.  Hope you’re all finding bits of this busy season to enjoy.


6 responses to “with the first snowfall

  1. THIS WAS WONDERFUL, BEE! I grinned through the entire blog!

  2. So precious Bee! Just makes me smile and laugh out loud!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your special family times with us. I wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with joy, peace and love. Cindi

  4. I love the snowmen running to see each other.

  5. What? No hats? No mittens? They look cold without proper hats and mittens! I haven’t made a snowman in so many years, it’s good you show us how to do it so we don’t forget.

  6. Hehe… I know! Alas, all our extra hats are sized to fit a munchkin head, not the ginormous Frosty head 😉 Maybe a scarf is in order though!

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