as light fades, the lights begin…

During out “Story of the Day” this evening, during which we re-tell the story of our day while wrapped in darkness, Little Boy responded to the question, “We woke up this morning and what day was it today?!”  with, “Dark Friday!”

Close.  I hadn’t thought about the origins behind “Black Friday” for a long time until this evening.  Trying to explain stores being in the “red” or in the “black” proved intriguing, but we went around with it until he was satisfied.

Today too was spent beginning preparations for the upcoming season of light and warmth.  What better way to begin than by decorating the Christmas Tree and decorating the buffet in some wintry extravagance?

The boys were enamored with lights turning on, sparkly balls to hang, pulling out little ornaments from the past few years and telling the stories, and patiently explaining over, and over, and over again to the Littlest that the tree was for touching gently, the ornaments could be touched with “one finger touch”, and trying not to repeat, “No!  Oh….OH!  Stop!  Ohhh.” but rather patiently explain that the shiny and sparkly ornaments up top were there because they were so delicate.  The operant word here is “try”.  I had a run for my money today.

But we still need THAT ONE to play with!  “ehh.  Ehhh!!   EHHHH!”   Ahh…that one.   Yes, that one needs to stay up top.  Look at all the interesting ornaments down here!  Cloth, wood, pinecones…no?  You need the delicate and breakable one at the top?  Ahh.  Hey look!  A toy deer!”  Hooray for distraction.  If only it worked all the time.  In defense of the Littlest though, this is the most exciting thing since the sandbox that he’s ever discovered and could touch.

But finally it sunk in a little, for the moment, and kids crawled down off of tables to resume important play.

And when we came home this evening, we were greeted with a little wonder, filling our hearts with excitement and anticipation.

Even the buffet, reworked with twinkly lights and soft white fleece, offering an intrigue of something unknown but magical.  Something warm and undiscovered.  Something safe and wondrous.  Something coming…different celebrations for many traditions…but right now we are at the twilight of the season.

Our celebration of light.


2 responses to “as light fades, the lights begin…

  1. It looks beautiful, Bee. It IS wonderous. And magical. Loved the blog.

  2. The joys of light and discovery by one and all……….:-)

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