Before having children, I always wondered why our friends with children liked me.  I thought it odd that despite my spending my visiting time listening to stories and adventures, or with their kids in the playroom because it seemed like the kids genuinely wanted to show me stuff, the parents didn’t think of me as “the weirdo that plays with my kids instead of talking to me.”

I was part of the conversations at times too but my attention was always unconsciously deferred to the kids.

Now that it’s my turn to be the Mom, I get it.  The emotion I feel when others interact like that with my kids is anything but weirdness.

Nothing endears someone more to you than watching them nurture and reflect your child.

Watching someone engage and play with your baby creates a connection to that person, even if they’ve never said “Hello” to you.

In the arms of the woman we love…my angel Nana…


3 responses to “connection

  1. Aww, Bee! Love you!

  2. A very precious point, Bee! Thanks!

  3. Nana is a special lady 🙂

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