diggers DO exist

Yesterday, little boy was sick.  At bedtime, exhaustion took us all so I’m now taking a quick moment for a picture.


While attending to little boy, I sense a suspicious silence.  Looking up I see the baby totally absorbed.  He has a picture book open to the construction page and a toy digger next to him on the stairs.

Looking up to me with wide and serious eyes, he grunts an emphatic “Ahhhhh”

They do exist.


5 responses to “diggers DO exist

  1. LOL! Awesome 🙂

  2. Someday you will see a real digger doing what diggers do–they dig. My guess is that his eyes will be the size of saucers as he watches. Watching diggers do their magic is one of my fondest memories as a wee one. We’d sit across the street and watch them for hours. Great fun!

  3. When boys see equipment work, they can watch for hours. And hours. Then they go home and learn to back the Tonka truck up while attached to a trailer. That serves them well when they get to be big boys — they’ll eventually be able to know how the hitch changes direction, as the wheels turn! It’s all good!

  4. Precious! And hilarious: 13 months, digger at his side, and reading about diggers!

  5. Cool beans! 🙂

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