Earth Yawning

Sunflower: seeds fertile and ready to fall.

Fall is in the air!

With the crisp air seems to come a frantic push to savor each sunny day as though it’s the last…like a gift given before the earth descends into it’s wintry slumber.

Looking around I notice the herbaceous plants are finishing up seed production and busily sending all their energy back to the roots.  Now is beginning the busy work of closing up shop for the winter.  The sunflowers are drooping with little black seeds ready to fall out of their sockets like a child’s loose teeth.

The black-eyed susans standing taut and tall, waiting in anticipation of the wind.   Brittle stalks ready to rattle their seeds to the ground to await next year’s thaw.  The milkweed pods in the fields busily bursting open and hurrying their children along on the wind like little silver-lined ambassadors of life and their future.  Life is busy!

And yet, with all this frenzy to prepare for the colder months ahead, I am calmed to see the trees.  The green leaves on the elms and mulberries reassuring us that the beauty of fall is still to come.  The maples, one of the first to set leaves in the spring and surely the first to let the flame of autumn creep down their canopy, have only just begun their show.

The earth is yawning.  Life is preparing for rest, and the trees will be the last visitors to leave the party.  Today, the leaves on the elms are still green.


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