A boy and his dog

0926001426cDogs came to my family before children, and I was unprepared for the split I experienced the day my first child was born.  My dogs were no longer my doted upon children, they became my dogs.  The relief watching the kids grow and interact with the furry members of the family is felt most acutely when they have moments like this one:


Superman and Rocky have had their fair share of sibling spats.  Since Rock became an only-dog though, his attitude towards the kids has turned more affectionate.  Where before he was once inconvenienced by the intruders, now that we’ve said goodbye to Lily he seems to have adopted us as his family…what an ironic turn that is!

But moments where I see the real benefit of having a dog are like this…which makes all the muddy paws, hair balls, barking at squirrels, and an unsettling affinity for baby poop…worthwhile 🙂


2 responses to “A boy and his dog

  1. Ginger Doll — what a thoughtful, memorable beginning! I love the color of the background, I love the navigability of the site, I love the wordsmithing. It’s a well-crafted blog that is a cool beginning. The powerpoint of the Austin and Rocky is very nice. The musings on the fall of the year – the personification of how the earth is yawning – is so calming. Well done, Bee. I love it. I’ve subscribed to the site and I’m looking forward to future postings!
    Love you, Bee!

  2. I’m admiring the richness and depth that is you, Bee. Your every sentence thrills me and invites me on a special journey with you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! Love you, Dad

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